Is This Legal?

Absolutely yes. It is unethical and may be a violation of your schools code of conduct but it is legal in every way. You pay me to write for you. This means I release all intellectual property rights to you and make no future claims to the work (as long as you pay the bill).

Is this Ethical?

Short answer, is no. Long answer, is who cares, academia sold out to the profit gods long ago.

How Fast Can I Get My Paper?

I require 72 hour notice for most papers (large papers require more time) at my regular rate. If you’re in a time crunch and you want me to drop everything to do your paper it will cost more. Contact me if you’re in this predicament and I will give you a custom quote for your specific situation.

What About Plagiarism Software?

Everything I write is 100% original and cited correctly. Turnitin or other software professors use will not be an issue because I never reuse my writing or plagiarize others. You can rest assured that what you buy is original work that was created for you, by me, using your specific requirements.

Do You Outsource to Other Countries?

I never outsource. Those cut rate writers you may find offer savings in money but at the expense of your grade. When someone is from another country they are by definition non native speakers and will not understand common American writing conventions. These will not show up as a grammar mistakes but every professor will see them and flag you as a cheater.