Online Classes

When you decide to higher me I will be part of your team pursuing your education goals. Other writing services offer one off papers where the writer is someone that you have little to no access to. When we work together you will have my personal phone number and access to me directly, as I am the both the owner of the business and the writer. I want to work hard for you and earn your repeat business.

If I take on a class it is usually turned over to me and I log in and post the work without your input. I can if preferred email you the work for you to post them. I will need access to the class efficiently complete the work and to look at teachers comments or to access the databases for articles to be used on your essays. I can do the discussion posts, papers, projects, quizzes, midterms, and finals.

When I take on your online class I will do as much of it or as little of it as you want. My job is to make your college experience easy and enjoyable as possible. I enjoy my part as both writer and being part of your education team. I like that I get to help people navigate their education and better their lives. I care about your success and will go the extra mile. For example if there is anything that is off or questionable about some aspect of an assignment I will stop and contact you for clarification and to make sure the assignment is completed correctly and on time.